It is impossible to operate a business without having to deal with HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) and whether you are a limited company, partnership, sole trader or self-employed you simply have no option.

If you start to experience financial difficulties, HMRC will usually be the creditor that applies the most pressure when seeking repayment of their debt and they have greater resources available when attempting to recover outstanding monies.

Missing any payments to HMRC seems to alert them to the fact that your business is facing some kind of financial issue which invariably leads to greater focus being placed upon your business as you notice that HMRC now contact you very quickly on any future missed payments.

To avoid this added pressure you may decide to try and make payments to HMRC before making payments to your other creditors, including the suppliers that are essential to your business.

You know that, if you try to ignore HMRC, they have powers that are not available to your creditors such as being able to enter your business premises and remove assets, or more commonly, will issue a petition to have the business wound up.

As a tax payer you no doubt expect HMRC to be hard on people that do not pay their tax and as a business owner you wish you had their resources to collect debts but now that you have fallen behind, usually from circumstances beyond your control, you just need help.

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We are here to help you!

Because of the nature of our business, we deal with HMRC on a daily basis and have most certainly dealt with more difficult situations that the one in which you presently find yourself.

We assist business owners by communicating with HMRC on their behalf in order to allow the business more time to make payment of the debt owed.

We have found that HMRC are willing to listen when a qualified and independent third party has made an assessment of your financial position, and this also shows that you have a willingness to deal with the debt.

Our initial advice is provided free of charge, strictly confidential and without any obligation whatsoever, so to understand how we can help you to deal with HMRC, telephone us now on 01925 929376.

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