What do Freeze do?

In a matter of minutes, users can input their total debts, budget and assets into the Freeze app; and find out what debt solutions they’re eligible for. 

The app has a live-chat feature, allowing users to communicate with expert debt advisors at a time and pace that suits them through instant messaging.

Freeze understand the stress and worry that unmanageable debt can cause and since their launch in 2019, they have helped thousands of users clear over £30m of debt.

Our Recent Partnership With Freeze Debt

We’ve recently teamed up with Freeze Debt, the one-stop debt solution app for individuals with unmanageable debt. The app allows users to find out what debt solutions they’re eligible for at a time and pace at suits them, through the convenience of a mobile application. 

Carter Halliwell is happy to act as Freeze’s in-house insolvency practitioner, to help make the client journey as smooth as possible. 

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