Business Restructuring

We know it can be a worrying time when creditors are chasing for payment, you have to find money to pay wages and you also need money to support your family.

You are probably delaying in taking advice because it seems like a big step into the unknown and you are hoping that something will happen to improve things so you can carry on in business.

Taking professional advice is not the end of the road but the first step in moving towards the future and seeing things more clearly with a definite plan in mind; just like when you first started the business.

Many challenges are faced by a business owner and, now that things are particularly difficult, you probably think that liquidation of your business is inevitable.

However, that is not the only option and the sooner you take advice the more options that may be available to you.

Our first objective is always to try and save your business with its reputation, customers and workforce.

We provide advice and assistance to restructure the business and also resolve the company’s debt problems by coming up with proactive ideas to improve cash flow and debt collection techniques.

Our initial advice is provided free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever, so why would you not take advantage of our extensive knowledge.

We have decades of experience in the restructuring of businesses facing financial difficulties and our advisors have also had their own businesses and therefore understand the challenges that face a business owner.

We provide straightforward, unbiased advice so that you will fully understand all of your options and can be confident that you have chosen the right solution and know that you are on the way to turning your business around.

So be positive, telephone us on 01925 929376 and see what can be done to save your business.

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