Committed to Finding Solutions for Individuals and Businesses

At Carter Halliwell, our experienced team provide advice designed to help people, businesses and companies that are experiencing financial difficulties in the UK.  

We work closely with our clients to help them find the best solution to help them financially recover, providing advice that is thorough, straightforward and in their best possible interests. 

Advice and Guidance

We provide all initial advice and guidance through our insolvency practitioner, Tracey Howarth, who is qualified and licensed to act in any formal assignment by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.  

Our advice is of the highest quality and we will always keep your best interests at our core. 

Free Confidential Consultations

Your first consultation with us will always be free of charge, strictly confidential and without any obligation to proceed with any of the options or solutions we provide.  

We never pressure our clients into making decisions and we’ll always give you the time you need to consider our recommendations. 


At Carter Halliwell, we will always agree our fees with you in advance of commencing any work. We’ll clearly explain in writing exactly how much our fees will be and how they will be charged, and it’s then your decision whether you want to provide your written acceptance. 

You will never be charged any fees, nor be expected to pay anything, until after you have provided your written acceptance of our fees. 

Help For Directors

We offer help and guidance to directors whose companies are experiencing financial difficulties to get them back on track. 

We understand that sometimes the personal finances of a director are not always completely separate from that of the company and as such we provide assistance to individuals as well as companies and partnerships.

Help For Companies

At Carter Halliwell we have experience in providing straightforward, unbiased advice to company owners and directors so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for your business. 

We take the worry away from seeking help by providing a full explanation of both the benefits and drawbacks of the different solutions so that there are no unknowns or surprises. 

Help For Individuals

We understand how stressful unmanageable debt can be. That’s why when you consult with us, we take into account your personal financial situation to find a solution that best suits your individual circumstances. 

Our advice is always clear, unbiased and focuses on helping you get back in control your finances. 

Get in Touch

It’s never too late to find out what solutions are available for you but sometimes taking advice early on can mean that there are more options to choose from. Please get in touch today either by phone or using the link below. 

Call us on: 01942 929376

Address: Westwood Park, Wigan, WN3 4HE

Our Recent Partnership With Freeze Debt

We’ve recently teamed up with Freeze Debt, the one stop debt solution app for individuals with unmanageable debt.


The app allows users to find out what debt solutions they’re eligible for at a time and pace at suits them, through the convenience of a mobile application. The live-chat function means that users can communicate with an expert debt advisor throughout their application, to get answers to any questions they may have.


Carter Halliwell is happy to act as Freeze’s in-house insolvency practitioner, to help make the client journey as smooth as possible.